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Getting rid of second-degree gynecomastia

Getting rid of second-degree gynecomastia

"I had a very bad appearance and a large and saggy breast. I was very embarrassed when I undressed in front of my friends. I decided to consult Professor Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa to solve this problem, and the result was impressive."

What is gynecomastia?
It is the enlargement of the male breast over its normal size in a way that is almost similar to women; due to some hormonal changes or genetic factors, in a way that makes its owner feel very ashamed and lose confidence in himself.

Degrees of gynecomastia:
The solution to this problem depends on the degree of gynecomastia and its causes. Is it hereditary? Or hormonal disorders? Or is it a temporary symptom due to weight gain? The degrees of gynecomastia are:
1. Gynecomastia of the first degree: The breast size is bigger than its normal size, but it can be controlled by adhering to certain medications, with some exercises for breast tightening, such as push-ups.
2. Gynecomastia of the second degree: The breast is larger than the size of the first degree. It can be treated by removing excess fat in the breast without having to remove any fibers or tissues from it, followed by some medications that help control estrogen and testosterone hormones, with practicing some exercises for breast tightening. This is the degree that our case was suffering. It was resolved by this procedure with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa.
3. Gynecomastia of the third degree: The breast is larger than the size of the second degree and is observable when wearing any clothes. It is eliminated through surgical intervention to remove those excess tissues in the breast.
4. Gynecomastia of the fourth degree: The degree of sagging is greater than all previous cases, and the shape of the breast is closer to the woman’s breast. It is considered a very late case of gynecomastia.

It is possible to treat a few cases of gynecomastia without surgical intervention, first-degree gynecomastia only, through some medications that control estrogen and testosterone hormones, as their unbalance causes gynecomastia. After adjusting their levels, the breast returns to their normal size. Also, Professor Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa will advise you to do some exercises for tightening the breast, especially push-ups; to help you improve the result of eliminating gynecomastia and returning it naturally in a taut manner. However, in other cases of gynecomastia where the cause is the enlarged mammary glands and the presence of tissues and fibers around them, it is difficult to resolve without surgical intervention with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa.

Before performing your gynecomastia surgery with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa, he will discuss:
Your health condition and any chronic diseases you suffer from.
Any medical drugs, especially anticoagulants.
Any inherited health condition and your family history.
Some post-surgical instructions that you must follow.
Procedure needed to overcome your gynecomastia after identifying its degree.
The hospitalization time and the post-surgical medications you will receive.
Advising you to wear a medical corset dedicated to the surgery after the procedure.
The necessity not to carry any heavy objects for a short post-surgical period and not to engage in strenuous physical activity or exercise.
Before all these, you will be asked to perform some physical and laboratory tests; to ensure that your health condition is suitable for the surgery.