Dr Ahmed ElSherifa
My nose shape changed completely, and I restored my self-confidence

My nose shape changed completely, and I restored my self-confidence

A big nose affects self-confidence and the extent of self-satisfaction, also it destabilizes the feeling of beauty, so that it may become a ghost chasing its owner towards a sense of perfection. However, modern medical techniques have developed a simple way to beautify the nose without opening its tissues as in traditional rhinoplasty, which prolongs the recovery period and causes nasal tissue swelling. These drawbacks vanished with rhinoplasty by the PR technique. This is one of our cases who was able to regain self-confidence through changing the shape of the nose completely without any exaggerative result, but rather a natural one.

What is PR rhinoplasty?
It is a nasal cosmetic procedure that aims to beautify the nose with minimal surgical intervention and without any opening of the tissues of the nose, as occurs in traditional rhinoplasty procedures. Also, it has no swelling or pain as usual. Therefore the PR rhinoplasty patient goes through a shorter recovery period with no swelling and pain.
Our friend was suffering from a drooping nasal tip and the inconsistency of her nose shape with the rest of her face. She consulted Professor Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa to correct her nose after hearing about his great successes in rhinoplasty using the PR technique with the least recovery period. Before her surgery, Professor Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa told her the expected result after rhinoplasty. He asked her about her medical history and the types of treatments that she might take frequently. He took detailed measurements of her face and advised her not to take any anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin or drink any alcohol or nicotine for at least 2 weeks before the surgery; to avoid their side effects on the nasal tissues during and after the procedure.

He also discussed with her the type of anesthesia, the prohibited and permitted activities and routine life after the surgery, the hospitalization period after the surgery, and the expected success rate of the procedure.

Her experience with PR rhinoplasty with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa:
The result of PR rhinoplasty appeared immediately after the surgery and was completed a year after the surgery. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa advised her to do the following to speed up the recovery period after the procedure and help the final result appear as quickly as possible:
Taking the prescribed pain relievers and antibiotics after the surgery; to control pain and reduce the chances of infection as much as possible.
Changing the surgical bandages on the nose in the same manner prescribed, without moving the nasal splint.
Commitment to complete rest after the surgery and raise the head above chest level; to reduce the fluid accumulation and excess blood in the nose and thus prevent swelling after the procedure.
Not practice any strenuous exercise or any strenuous physical activity or carry any heavy loads immediately after the procedure, but rather try not to do it for at least 2 weeks.
Not wearing any glasses on the nose.
Not laughing or smiling strongly or brush your teeth vigorously immediately after the procedure.
•  Maintaining a healthy diet as much as possible to speed up the recovery period.