Dr Ahmed ElSherifa
Plump and full-look lips in just one filler session

Plump and full-look lips in just one filler session

Filler can give you feminine lips in only one session, such as this lady who had a very thin lip, so she wanted to add a feminine appearance that would increase her beauty and self-confidence by choosing filler injections with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa, and the result was gorgeous.

Why did our case resort to filler injections?
A filler is a gelatinous substance used for subcutaneous injection to fill the area and increase its internal thickness. It is used in:
Refilling any area that has been reduced in size due to fat loss or severe weight loss after bariatric surgeries.
Defining the shape and consistency of the face, regulating its borders, and giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Getting rid of facial wrinkles and giving the face a very lively and bright look.
Hiding any fine lines or aging signs that may appear on the face due to old age.
Fullness of the lips, their surroundings, or the nose, to improve the female outlook, with an amazing result from the first injection.

Before lip filling session, she discussed with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa all of these points:
Duration of filler injection session in the clinic and the extent of pain.
The time of the appearance of the final results after the injection.
The type of filler that would be used.
The injection results time lasting.
Advice or instructions that she must follow after the injection and prohibitions that she should avoid.
Ways to ensure the success of filler injections results for the longest possible period.
The possibility of side effects occurrence after injecting the filler.

After the session, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa advised her to follow the following:
Avoid direct sunlight exposure immediately after the injection. In case of necessary exposure, she must apply strong sunscreen.
Avoid massaging the face or the injection site specifically; to avoid distributing or moving the injected filler.
Keep drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day; to help sufficient hydration of at least 2 liters per day.
Maintain a healthy diet and avoid eating fatty or fast food as much as possible; to avoid body inflammation.
Avoid stress and tension as much as possible to avoid the secretion of cortisol in the blood.

Steps that Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa followed with our case to apply the filler:
Initially, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa applied local anesthesia to her lips. Then he started filling the syringes with the type of filler that was chosen for her injection. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa gently inserted the tip of the syringe under the skin of the lips and emptied the gel filler in specific areas. Then he did a light massage at the injection site to distribute this substance on the lips and avoid its accumulation in one place in the lips. Then our patient went home with an emphasis on following doctor's advice to ensure the perfect result.

Are there different types of fillers?
One of the most popular types of fillers that can be used in lip injections is Calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural substance produced in our bone tissue, and hyaluronic acid. Both are the most used types of fillers in lip augmentation.