Dr Ahmed ElSherifa
Silicone breast augmentation

Silicone breast augmentation

One of the most important features of femininity is the large size of the female breast, but some girls may suffer from small breast size, such as our case, so the solution to this problem is a simple procedure with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa through breast augmentation by silicone implant.

Silicone breast augmentation is suitable for:
Those who do not have satisfaction with the size of their breasts and feel ashamed of it.
Those who do not have full and aesthetically pleasing breasts.
Those who have lost a large amount of weight and their breast size has become very small.
Those who have small breasts that are inherited in the family.

What is the silicone implant used in breast augmentation in our case?
Silicone is a gelatinous substance with a natural texture similar to that of the skin. Silicone implants varies in size between 100 to 700 cubic centimeters, and there are different types and shapes, flat, round, and spherical. The application of each differs according to the nature of the case itself and what is more appropriate to the condition.

Before the surgery, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa took the measurements of the breast and determined the extent of its height, the degree of sagging, the skin thickness, and its ability to bear the silicone material. Then he began to choose the size of the appropriate silicone implant for this case individually, which offered a natural appearance and perfect size for the breast.

After silicone breast augmentation with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa, he advised our case to follow the following:
The need to wear the prescribed breast corset to reduce the resulting swelling after the surgery and reduce the accumulation of blood and fluids in the surgical site, beside keeping the place of the silicone implants immobile.
Do not carry heavy objects or do strenuous exercise or vigorous physical activities as much as possible.
Maintaining the prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers; to control the occurrence of infection and reduce the pain resulting from the surgery as much as possible.
The necessity of emptying the drainage tubes as the doctor told her.
•  Returning to work and practicing her daily life a few weeks after the surgery.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa accomplished this breast augmentation surgery with silicone:
In the beginning, the specialized anesthesiologist applied general anesthesia to the patient, then Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa made a surgical incision in the bottom of the breast, ranging from 3 to 5 centimeters, through which he inserted the silicone implant under the breast tissue and muscle. It is the most suitable place for silicone implants, as it is hidden as much as possible and does not cause skin deformity. Then, he closed the wound site using high-quality surgical sutures that did not leave any scars on the skin later.

Although silicone implants give a very feminine appearance and significantly adjust the size of the breast, they are not suitable for some people, including:
Those who have blood clotting problems.
Those who have very weak skin that is unable to tolerate silicone.
Those who suffer from a psychiatric illness.
Those who are suspected of having any tumor or inflammation in the breast area.
Those who have a severe craving for alcohol and nicotine.