Dr Ahmed ElSherifa
Thigh lift surgery

Thigh lift surgery

It is awesome that one simple procedure can restore your sense of self-satisfaction and comfort! This is the feeling of our case after getting rid of the thigh sagging that disturbed her sense of feeling comfortable in her clothes, after her surgery to tighten the saggy thighs with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa with the latest techniques and the least recovery period.

She suffered from sagging with severe weight loss after her bariatric surgery which led to the appearance of wrinkled and saggy skin in the thigh area, which made her feel very embarrassed when looking at it and caused her psychological condition to deteriorate, in addition to the difficulty of her movement and a significant reduction in her physical activity, besides the occurrence of infections due to severe skin contact. So, she decided to overcome this problem by consulting Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa to surgically tighten the skin and restore her aesthetic shape.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa has great experience in tightening the saggy abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, and face with the latest methods through minimal post-surgical marks. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa uses cosmetic threads with the highest quality and efficiency.

Who are the good candidates for thigh lift surgery with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa?
The main objective of the surgery is to get rid of the severe skin sagging and help the person live his life more simply. Among the candidates for the  thigh lift surgery are:
Those who have severe sagging in the thighs that have been difficult to treat with traditional methods such as severe weight loss or exercises, as they did not succeed in tightening them to a satisfactory limit.
Those who do not plan to conceive or become pregnant, because the result of the surgery might be affected.
Those who reached a stable weight and are still maintaining a healthy diet as much as possible.

However, after bariatric surgery, you can control and reduce the appearance of those sagging through the following tips:
Maintain a healthy diet as much as possible.
Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible to prevent skin dryness, which weakens its elasticity.
Reduce the duration of the swimming pool; to avoid chlorine drying effect on the skin layers.
Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, to maintain skin moisture and elasticity.
Moisturize the skin and exfoliate it permanently to increase its blood circulation.
Perform resistance exercises and weights to reduce sagging.
Take gelatin, collagen, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid supplements to help the skin tighten and maintain its freshness.

Before the surgery, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa discussed with our patient the need to conduct some clinical and laboratory examinations. He also examined the medical record of her and her family to understand any chronic or inherited diseases. She was asked to discontinue herbal supplements, aspirin, nicotine, or alcohol at least 2 weeks before the surgery.

After the surgery, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa advised her to do the following:
Do not engage in any vigorous exercise or vigorous physical activity or carry heavy objects for at least 2 weeks.
Take the prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers to reduce infection and the feeling of pain after the surgery.
Keep the drainage tubes that are connected to the surgical incisions empty and clean to avoid infection.