Dr Ahmed ElSherifa
The perfect candidate for a Mummy Makeover

The perfect candidate for a Mummy Makeover

Who is suitable for the Mummy Makeover procedure?
The Mummy Makeover procedure with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa is suitable for:
The woman who suffers from severe sagging in her body after pregnancy and childbirth.
The unsatisfied woman regarding her appearance after pregnancy and childbirth.
The woman who does not plan to become pregnant within 2 years after the surgery.
The woman who has passed 6 months after her last birth.
The woman who does not suffer from excessive obesity.
The woman who reached or approached the ideal weight but has fat deposits in certain body areas, and has tried to get rid of them by some normal methods, such as: following a healthy diet and doing some exercise, but to no avail.
The woman who has passed the breastfeeding stage.
Non-smoker woman, or at least stop smoking for 2 weeks before the procedure.
The woman who is willing to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day.
The woman who is not following daily nutritional or healthy habits that cause excessive weight gain.
A healthy woman who has no chronic diseases or hereditary family disorders that hinder the procedure.
The woman who is not allergic to anesthesia.

Results of Mummy Makeover:
1. Tightened body.
2. Full and firm breasts.
3. Slim hips and waist.
4. Consistent flat belly.

Some instructions that you must follow after the Mummy Makeover procedure:
Make sure you rest completely after the surgery for at least 24 hours.
Wear a body support corset designed for the surgery, which will be recommended by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa, for at least 2 consecutive weeks after the procedure; to prevent the accumulation of any excess fluid or blood from the tissues.
Keep taking the prescribed antibiotics to prevent post-surgical bacterial infection.
Eat as healthy as possible, with plenty of vegetables and proteins.
Keep the drainage tubes clean and empty as recommended by the doctor.
Sleep at least 8 hours continuously and quietly.
Do not engage in strenuous daily activities for 2 weeks after the surgery.
Go back to work 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery.
Perform simple sports activities to maintain the result of the procedure for as long as possible.

Will you experience any pain after the Mummy Makeover procedure?
After the Mummy Makeover procedure, swelling will occur in the skin in all areas of the surgery, including the abdomen, breast, thigh, and buttock, but wearing a corset will control it significantly, in addition to following the post-surgical instructions.

How long will the Mummy Makeover results last?
The continuation of the results of the Mummy Makeover procedure depends on two main factors:
1. Choosing an experienced and highly qualified surgeon with many successful cases.
2. Your adherence to some important factors, including a healthy diet, exercises to maintain the outcome of the procedure, and not seeking to attempt pregnancy or childbirth for not less than 2 years after the procedure.

In the end, do not leave yourself not satisfied with yourself or lacking confidence, but rather restore the luster of your beauty and youth without paying maternity tax.