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The role of the PR technique in rhinoplasty

The role of the PR technique in rhinoplasty

PR rhinoplasty is the most recent technique in the world of rhinoplasty, as it creates a perfect nose with less recovery time and minimal recovery pain compared to traditional rhinoplasty.

But before performing PR rhinoplasty with Professor Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa, you must first ask him some questions to make sure that the result of the procedure matches the result that you may desire, and some of these questions are: 
1. What is the success rate of the procedure?
2. How long will you stay in the hospital after the procedure?
3. What is prohibited and permitted issues after the procedure?
4. What is the type of anesthesia that will be used?
5. When will the results appear?
6. Will the result last for a lifetime, or will you need to repeat it?

What are the other types of rhinoplasty besides PR rhinoplasty?
There are several types and interventions for rhinoplasty, including laser, which reduces surgical interventions in the nose to the least possible extent, but still, laser rhinoplasty has not yet reached great success, as it can cause the death of the inner nasal cells when misused. 
There is also a rhinoplasty technique using non-surgical threads, which are absorbable threads inside the nose. It works to shape and sculpt the nose and make it more small. Also, it stimulates collagen production in the nose to give it a natural carving appearance as much as possible.

Despite the multiple means of rhinoplasty, PR rhinoplasty by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa is the perfect solution for rhinoplasty; as it does not leave apparent incisions or surgical openings, with minimal surgical intervention in nasal tissues, thus:
The resulting swelling after the procedure is much less.
Rhinoplasty patient feels less pain.
The patient has a shorter recovery period and no signs of any surgical incisions.

After PR rhinoplasty, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa will advise you to:
Raise your head on the bed above chest level while committing to complete rest, and do not engage in any strenuous activity.
Do not put any ice on the nose.
Do not wear any glasses on the nose, and do not move the splint placed on it
Take the prescribed medications and eat a healthy diet as much as possible.

PR rhinoplasty aims to:
Adjust nasal bridge and its nostrils.
Beautify any curve in the nasal hump.
Correct problems and defects of the tips of the nose.
Adjust the wide, large, and inverted nostrils.
Achieve nasal consistency.
Get rid of any breathing problems.
Correct the nasal septum and reshape of its widened bones.
Get rid of the adenoids and any excess skin from the nasal tissues.
Correct nasal fractures.
Improve the airway path.

When will the results of PR rhinoplasty with Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa appear?
The results of PR rhinoplasty will appear immediately after the procedure, but the final result will appear gradually over time and with the disappearance of the post-surgical swelling, and also by following the instructions that Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sherifa will dictate to you that must be adhered to after rhinoplasty.

In the end, rhinoplasty is not a luxury at all. Rather, it has become a must for many people in correcting nasal defects, increasing the efficiency of the airway, and reducing any structural problem, especially when a qualified and experienced doctor is selected.